About Us

Our company specializes in the restoration and sales of classic and youngtimer Porsches.
Based on the childhood admiration and love for our later hobbies, we established our business in 2015. From the initial small garage we quickly developed ourselves – as a result we are now working on more than 500 square meters with 7 professionals. Our employees are at the highest level of professional knowledge. Their expertise and their many years of experience in restoration allow us to perfect the extremely high level of workmanship of the restored Porsches.

We work with local suppliers and masters to achieve the highest possible quality. During our work, we make complete pictured documentation, in which the reconstruction of the completed cars can be traced. After the renovation, the documentation is attached to the completed cars in a bounded booklet. Seeing the high quality of finished cars – more and more external customers are looking for us.

During the rebirth of cars, we aim to use only factory parts, skins and materials for the highest possible quality.

If we have caught your attention, you are more than welcome to contact us with confidence.