Porsche 911 3.3 Turbo

Porsche 911 3.3 Turbo
VIN Number: WPOZZZ9ZHS050076
Year: 1986
Color composition: White exterior, Black interior
Engine: 3.3liter turbocharged horizontal six-cylinder boxer engine with K-Jetronic fuel injection, four-speed manual transmission.

The New 911 turbo
In 1977 the new 3.3-liter 911 turbo replaced the first sports car that have been made in 1974 with a turbocharger and K-Jetronic. The new engine was 300ccm bigger, 300horsepower stronger, and the redesigned intercooler fixed the weaknesses of the predecessor. In addition, wider fenders, wider tires, and new stronger brakes have been fitted.

The Restoration: The extremely complex and sophisticated renovation took about nine months, began with the dismantling of the car and continued with the locksmith and polishing works. During this time, the engine of the car, the gearbox and, of course, the running gears were also completely renovated. The original Fuchs rims glitter again thanks to the powder coating and polishing, and the wheels eventually have the same Continental tires as they were released from Zuffenhausen.

The finished car: After the completion of the renovation, we finished the complete documentation of the car, which can be used to track the state of the vehicle from the ruin to the present day.